Agricultural Economics and Extension

Report on ICT Training for Agricultural Economics and Extension staff held on July, 2023
The Department of Agricultural Economics and Extension embarked on an ICT training of academic and technical staff aimed to acquaint the participating staff with downloading and uploading result templates, upgrading skills for updating CIRMS personal data for annual staff appraisal. The training was declared open by the Head of Department, Dr. C. A. Isibor. The facilitator Mr. Obot, Akaninyene conducted participants through the rudiments of the techniques involved, outlining the step by step procedures along with inbuilt mechanisms for checking correctness. The training exercise also enlisted the use of personal cellphones where laptops or personal computers are not available, or where cellphones could be used in tandem with laptops or personal computers as the need may arise. The training is not a one off exercise but is rather progressively structured to hone up the proficiency/skills of the departmental staff in regard to ICT technology. It is expected that with the staff’s capacity building by this training that individual staff performance shall be considerably enhanced.


Mr. Umenze, Kenneth Chidi


Mr. Obot Akaninyene Patrick – Department ICT Officer

Mr. Chilaka, Precious Chibueze – Assistant Department ICT Officer

Mr. Okoli, Kenechukwu Chidi

Mrs. Nwankwo, Georgina Ngozi

Miss. Aniago Chisom Jennifer – Camera lady (Yr 5 student)

Miss. Udom Stephnie – Video lady (Yr 5 student)